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          托福 (TOEFL)



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          2019-03-21 17:46     供稿單位: 新航道    

          出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別

            托福閱讀的詞匯題基本的出題形式為The word "XX" is closest in meaning to which of following?,每篇文章的題目數量一般為3-5題,所以3篇文章加起來總數接近總題目的三分之一了,絕對是一個不容同學們小覷的題型。并且2018年托福閱讀的詞匯題依然是考試的中心所指,在這里我們主要告訴同學們碰到題干中所考察的生詞不認識如何利用邏輯有效解題,主要有以下四種邏輯關系解題。


            并列關系:常見并列關系詞:and,or,also,too,as well,other,another,


            But it is a wrong interpretation; fossils are frequently so dense because the pores and other spaces in the bone have become filled with minerals taken up from the surrounding sediments.

            The word "pores" is closest in meaning to which of following?

            A joints

            B tissues

            C  lines

            D holes

            此題目中的pore如果同學們不認識的話,就去找附近有無邏輯關系來幫助解題。看到最近的and 連接pores 和other spaces兩個平行結構,前后相對應,因此pores的意思應為some space,選項中的D 的holes與此意義最接近,為正確答案。


            轉折關系:常見轉折關系詞:but,however,yet,by contrast,on the contrary

            in fact,actually等

            We might expect that early artistic efforts would be crude, but the cave paintings of Spain and southern France show a marked degree of skill. So do the naturalistic paintings on slabs of stone excavated in southern Africa.

            The word “ marked ” in the passage is closest in meaning to

            A considerable

            B surprising

            C limited

            D adequate

            此題目中的marked如果同學們不認識的話,我們在附近會發現它所在句子和上一句形成轉折關系,那么marked的意思與crude為直接相反。極為程度高的,明顯的意思。選項中的A 的considerable(可觀的)與此意義最接近,為正確答案。


            舉例關系,常見關系詞e.g.,for example,such as,for instance,like,including


            Supporting evidence comes from research showing that aggressive people often distort other people's motives. For example, they assume that other people mean them harm when they do not.

            10. The word distort in the passage is closest in meaning to

            A  Mistrust

            B  Misinterpret

            C  Criticize

            D  Resent



            因果關系,常見因果關系詞:表原因:for,because,since,as ,due to,owing to,result from等 表結果:so,thus,hence,therefore,so...that, lead

            to, contribute to, cause, bring about, generate 等等。

            例如:In 1815 he published the first modern geological map, “A Map of the Strata of England and Wales with a Part of Scotland,” a map so meticulously researched that it can still be used today.

            5. The word “meticulously” in the passage is closest in meaning to

            A carefully

            B quickly

            C frequently

            D obviously

            “meticulously” 前后存在一個由so...that構成的因果關系(如此...以至于),結果為現在還能用200年前的地圖,那么肯定是因為這個地圖比較有用,非常好,只有A選項carefully(詳細地)的意思最接近,方向也是一致的。