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          托福 (TOEFL)



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          2019-04-01 17:01     供稿單位: 新航道    

          出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別


            “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

            Experts suggest that parents should limit the time children under 13 spend on electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones, except for homework. ”



            I would allow our children to use laptops and cell phones not only for academic needs but also for other purposes. I think I would otherwise be over-protective and raise children who are vulnerable and dysfunctional. [被高亮標出的詞匯暗示了主體部分要討論的內容之一] I also would not deprive our children of the access to the greater scope of information. Nor would I divest them of the fun that our busy children need. [看來,筆者有三個理由]


            [習慣性的先讓一小步] I certainly understand the concern of many parents that children’s lack of judgment and poor self-discipline render them vulnerable to thedetriment computers and mobile phones may bring about. Certainly, there is information that children should not read, hear or see as the phone or computer would direct them to, and there is time that would be wasted if children are obsessed with the palm-sized magical gadgets and the like.[然后反駁,連用三句同一個主語的句子,強烈反駁] However, children wouldnot necessarily grow stronger, with the protection. They may never actually grow unless the parental shield is removed. They may get too comfortable under the protection and may be unable to adapt to the cruel world they will eventually need to survive. [句子的長度遞增,信息愈發具體,這是筆者的一種“筆法”] [然后,自然是舉例,但是引出例子的措辭方式值得注意] My nephew sadly can well illustrate that the protection can be counterproductive .[具體例子略]



            I also would not deprive our children of the access to the greater scope of information. [具體展開略]


            Nor would I divest them of the fun that our busy children need. 如下]

            It is also important to let our children have some slack. They certainly need it as the schoolwork is heavy and not easy. Today, the heavy load of study shows little mercy to our children and does not seem to let our young children go even before their teenage years. Given this, these devices are necessary diversions on which children browse meaningless stuff or play games and unwind. [接下來,就是例子咯,但是沒有用for example / for instance引出] A 10-year-old could watch silly cartoons after long hours of doing academic tasks and getrevived.

            At this point, I believe I have been clear about myopposition to the many experts who do not want our children to use computers and cellphones for purposes other than study. This is not because I am unconscious of the harm. I believe that our children are more likely to benefit from using those devices although it might not be for schoolwork.[筆者難得寫這么長的結尾段落]