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          出國英語考試有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思閱讀評分標準 托福閱讀評分標準 雅思和托福的區別




            Charles Darwin shocked the world with his theory of evolution as proposed in Origin of Species. He explained that, over time, species adapt to their environment in order to survive and then pass along these acquired traits to future generations in a process known as "natural selection." Although his ideas are widely accepted today, the notion that species could have evolved from an entirely different species caused outrage from those believing that all living creatures were created by God.

            Thesis:It is better to determine one’s own views of right and wrong than follow the crowd.

            Subject:Thomas Panie & Susan B. Anthony


            At the beginning of the American Revolution,the American colonies were,with hesitancy and troublesome doubts,moving toward independence.Few people favored complete independence,while orther,firmly believed in conservative thoughts,wished to send more petitions and appeals to the King.At that time,Thomas Paine appeal the colonies to separate themselves from Britain and to make America one place in world where freedom and love of humankind could flourish.His famous pamphlet,Common Sense,was outspoken,touche,pierce to the truth with a single pertinent remark.It impressed deeply upon everyone’s mind that his belief become one of the most inportant ideology of the American Revolution.Although I am not a feminist,I admire Susan B. Anthony for her daring to hold on to her view even being mocked cruely by her contemporaries.A tireless civil rights worker,Anthony devoted her life to the work which guranteed women’s basic right,including suffrage and equal protestions under law.She believed that”men and women are created equal”and persevered unremittingly in opening doors and expanding acceptable modes of behavior for women.In the patriarchy socity of her time,people considered her unladylike and ridiculous.However,19th Amendment to the Constitution gives women’s rights to vote which established Susan B. Anthony as a bold revolutionary feminist in history.

            Examples also serves: People should take more responsibility for solving problems that affect their communities or the nation in general.